Link to downtown Brantford study

Below is a link to the study on the effect of post-secondary institutions on the core of Brantford, Ont., roughly a decade after that strategy was implemented there. It’s the study to which I refer in today’s column in The London Free Press.

2012 Economic Impact

One Reply to “Link to downtown Brantford study”

  1. Mr Cornies-re downtown campus in London-I have no obligation to having students downtown. But I don’t agree with the second choice of location or the request for more City money. In August 2013 Fanshawe chose the Market Tower as the ‘ideal’ spot. Ready to sign on the dotted line. Mysteriously, the sale disappeared and Kingsmills showed up. (This key fact was omitted from the LFPress article on Sat Aug 23/14).
    City already forked over 20 mil (reports say only 10 mil spent on first campus which was fraught with delays & problems). I truly believe the Province should be funding this new project (wherever it is built), not the taxpayers of London. I also think the Kingsmills building site will be a nightmare.

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