Portuguese airline TAP thanks its customers

Here’s how employees of Portuguese airline TAP in Lisbon wished their customers a happy holiday season.

Hmmm. Maybe Delta Airlines employees and airport security officials in Amsterdam were doing something similar on Christmas Day, when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab passed through their security scanners. In any case, it’s a nice gesture. Though, as Toronto Star columnist Cathal Kelley notes, this kind of routine will now get you tasered at some international airports.

The Lisbon airport dance is reminiscent of a routine in April of this year at Amsterdam’s main train station:

Here’s hoping that, despite our collective obsession and occasional bouts of paranoia over security in public spaces, we never entirely erase such displays of cheer, fantasy, whimsy and goodwill.

One Reply to “Portuguese airline TAP thanks its customers”

  1. Most uplifting and fitting for end of year and decade. Here’s hoping that the human spirit will raise us all above paranoia and disillusionment in the new year.

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