St. Petersburg’s pier, on a warm summer evening

Steven Spielberg I’m not. But here’s the first attempt of a career print journalist to shoot and edit digital video — you pros must promise to stifle your chuckles. I know, I know  . . . some shots are too long (my wife loves animals), others too short. But hey, if I can do it, maybe there’s hope to teach other old dogs some new tricks.

3 Replies to “St. Petersburg’s pier, on a warm summer evening”

  1. Pretty good and great song to accompany it…although, I think a vocal version would have been better than the instrumental version since the lyrics would have added to it but, then again, you’d have to deal with copyright protection and all that stuff…

  2. Thank you so much for your great video taken at The St. Petersburg Pier. LOVE the “Dock of the Bay” song and it’s a good one for us. I’m going to share this with out tenants and I am sure The Pier Bait House and Wheel Fun Rentals will appreciate the coverage, but the Wheel Fun guy will probably want to know why your group ran into the wall! 🙂

    Thanks, again.

  3. Love your video and your storys, You have out done yourself and have truly captured the Pier. It is a great place for family’s to come together to spend a day or more. Our wild life that come to visit will love your story, they love there pictures being taken and you have captured us. It’s all about having fun on the bikes and in the Pier stores and food. Food friends and fun that’s what it’s all about, and Don’t forget the stores here are the Pier, I loved your hat and I know your wife will get to love it to.. thanks for all your stories and we hope You’ll come back !!! From Joann the Hat Lady from NY

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